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Grinta Football Academy, located in both Dubai and Sharjah, takes great pride in its team of certified and professional football coaches, specializing in one-to-one football coaching. Our dedicated coaches are passionate about providing young players with personalized private football sessions, focusing on developing their skills and confidence in all aspects of the game. As one of the best football academies in Dubai for one-to-one coaching, our football coaches, representing various nationalities, bring diverse experiences and skills to enhance the training sessions. Our academy offers a unique and tailored training experience that encompasses teaching different playing styles, techniques, and fostering an athletic mindset through individualized one-to-one football coaching sessions.

At Grinta Football Academy, we firmly believe that private one-to-one football training sessions offer a superior training experience compared to group sessions. Here’s why our private sessions stand out:

Personalized Attention:

Our certified and professional football coaches are dedicated to providing individualized attention to each player. With private sessions, we focus solely on the player’s development, tailoring the training program to their specific needs, goals, and skill level. This ensures that every aspect of their game receives personalized attention for maximum improvement.

Customized Training Programs:

We take pride in designing customized training programs for our players. Through private sessions, our coaches have the flexibility to create drills, exercises, and techniques that address the player’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. This personalized approach accelerates the player’s progress and helps them reach their full potential.

Mastery of Technique and Fundamentals:

Our one-to-one coaching allows us to hone in on the player’s technique and master the fundamental aspects of the game. By focusing on proper form, execution, and refining technical skills, we help players develop a solid foundation that translates into improved performance on the field.

Increased Repetition and Practice:

In private sessions, players benefit from increased repetitions and practice opportunities. This concentrated practice allows them to refine their skills, build muscle memory, and enhance their overall performance. By consistently working on specific moves, strategies, and tactics, players experience accelerated growth and skill mastery.

Boosted Confidence and Motivation:

Our private sessions foster a positive and supportive environment, where players receive constant feedback and encouragement. This personalized attention boosts their confidence, motivation, and self-belief, empowering them to push their limits and strive for continuous improvement.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

We understand the importance of flexibility in training. Our private sessions offer the flexibility to schedule sessions according to the player’s availability and adjust the training intensity based on their progress. This ensures that the training program remains adaptable to their evolving needs and optimizes their development.



By providing private one-to-one football training sessions at Grinta Football Academy, we aim to maximize the potential of each player, allowing them to excel in all aspects of the game. Our personalized approach, attention to detail, and commitment to individual growth set us apart as a leading football academy in Dubai.

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Excellent Football ⚽️ sports academy in Al Nahda, Sharjah. Well experienced coach to train the kids. My kid has improved a lot in Football skills.
Sheena Insprago
Sheena Insprago
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Best Football Academy for Kids in Sharjah! Enrolled my son here and he was hesitant to go initially. But he picked up very fast. Now he waits for the classes. Professional coaches who know kids psychology. Good Management! The ground and premises are very clean too. Recommend them highly! All the best Team Grinta
rajjen Mirchi
rajjen Mirchi
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My son has been enrolled with Grinta for a couple of months now and I have seen improvements not only with his playing but with his discipline and camaraderie. They have the best coaches who are genuinely concern of the kids development. Highly recommended!
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