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Grinta Football Academy, situated in both Dubai and Sharjah, prides itself on its team of certified and professional football coaches, specializing in coaching kids of different age groups. Our dedicated coaches are passionate about providing personalized football training sessions, tailored to the specific needs and developmental stages of young players. As one of the premier football academies in Dubai for age-specific coaching, our football coaches, hailing from diverse nationalities, bring a wealth of experiences and skills to enrich the training sessions. Our academy offers a unique and tailored training experience that encompasses teaching various playing styles, techniques, and fostering an athletic mindset through individualized coaching sessions designed for different age groups. We believe in nurturing a love for the game, instilling valuable skills, and building confidence in young players at every stage of their football journey.

Age Segments 

At Grinta Football Academy, we firmly believe that every age has a different training session that fits their capacities and needs as we segment our training sessions as follows: 4-7 years old, 8-10 years old, 11-13 years old, and 14-17 years old. Within each segment, we further divide the players into Developing teams and Developed teams, catering to their specific training needs and readiness for the next level.

4-7 years old segment

we focus on providing a fun and engaging introduction to football. Our qualified coaches use age-appropriate activities and drills to develop basic motor skills, coordination, and a passion for the game. The Developing team in this segment receives additional training sessions to enhance their fundamental football skills and lay a strong foundation for their future progression.

In the 8-10 years old segment

our training programs aim to build upon the foundational skills. Players engage in more advanced technical drills, tactical understanding, and teamwork. The Developing team in this segment benefits from specialized training sessions that focus on further skill development and improving their understanding of the game.

For the 11-13 years old segment

Our training programs become more intensive as we prepare players for competitive football. The focus shifts towards tactical awareness, positional play, and developing a competitive mindset. The Developing team in this segment receives specialized training sessions that focus on refining their skills and preparing them for the challenges of higher-level competition.

14-17 years old segment

This segment is designed for players who aspire to play at an advanced level. Our training programs in this segment focus on advanced tactics, physical conditioning, and mental preparation. The Developed team in this segment is ready to take their skills to the next level, and we provide them with training sessions that fine-tune their abilities and prepare them for the demands of competitive football at the highest levels.



At Grinta Football Academy, we are committed to providing age-specific training programs that cater to the unique needs of each segment. Our goal is to nurture the players’ talents, build their confidence, and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed in their football journey, whether they are part of the Developing team or the Developed team.

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Excellent Football ⚽️ sports academy in Al Nahda, Sharjah. Well experienced coach to train the kids. My kid has improved a lot in Football skills.
Sheena Insprago
Sheena Insprago
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Best Football Academy for Kids in Sharjah! Enrolled my son here and he was hesitant to go initially. But he picked up very fast. Now he waits for the classes. Professional coaches who know kids psychology. Good Management! The ground and premises are very clean too. Recommend them highly! All the best Team Grinta
rajjen Mirchi
rajjen Mirchi
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My son has been enrolled with Grinta for a couple of months now and I have seen improvements not only with his playing but with his discipline and camaraderie. They have the best coaches who are genuinely concern of the kids development. Highly recommended!
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